Saturday, January 15, 2011

Call of Duty Black Ops

February 1st, Call of Duty Black Ops for the Xbox 360 will be releasing the "First Strike" Map pack. It will feature 3 new Multiplayer maps and one new zombie mode map. ( I don't play zombie mode so i'll only talk about the new multiplayer maps)

The three new Multiplayer maps are:


This looks like a more open version of Havana. There are several buildings to traverse, with various window spots.  A large open area, with various maze like walls.  Looks really fun.  I like that every area has several walls to hide behind as well as crouching cover.


This one i'll have to see if i like or not, cause as of now, im not really liking this.  From what I've read its another snow level (awesome) with 2 big bases and one bridge in the middle.  Now I hate maps like this because everyone just bumrushes the bridge, or just camps back and waits.  I mean i guess this map would make an awesome Ctf Map, but for Deathmatch Idk.  

Berlin Wall

This map looks awesome. I love maps that have a real life association to them.  The cars, buildings, and other structures can make someone more associable to thinking of strategies when it comes to rushing an opponents base or a way to get around heavy fire.  It has a more homey and open feeling compared to Hanoi.

For PC and PS3 users, you will have to wait for this pack.  But I cant wait.  I'm going to get it the day it comes out.  If anyone would ever like to play on 360, my gamertag is DDRMidgetID


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  2. Berlin Wall looks freaking amazing.

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  5. looking forward to the new maps =D keep us posted man

  6. The sad thing is i've never actually played call of duty before, that is a shame...