Monday, October 25, 2010

Challenge PC

I am hereby undergoing the start of a challenge with the aid of my friends and my followers on here:

Build the best computer I can, for under $800

This includes everything:
Graphics, RAM, Monitors, Keyboard, MotherBoard, Webcam, Headset, etc, hell, even the best Computer Chair!

I have been using and reusing an old computer I recieved as a gift in 2003... I need an upgrade.. haha it doesn't even run Windows 7 without difficulity on the home screen.

The only thing i think i can salvage is the Chassis of the PC, the Mouse, and the Speakers lol.

My friends are scouring for the cheapest and the best, but I want your opinion if there are better places to buy.  I want primo stuff people, I want 720-1080i monitors, a nice keyboard, a Graphics Card capable of dual monitoring and playing games on Medium to high quality. 

Challenge is very efficient but also extremely budget lol.

If you know of any parts that rise above the compition in quality and price please post it!

Yugioh Cards for Sale

If you need Yugioh Cards, check out my ebay page, I have the fairest deals on ebay for all cards listed.  If you ever buy anything from me and mention Code "Blogspot" I'll take $1 off your order. (Once per person)

If you ever need anything I don't have listed send me a message, I'll tell you if i have it, and we can do an off eBay, through PayPal transaction for everything you need. (Coupon doesn't apply to custom orders)

Sunday, October 17, 2010


Who doesn't love Halloween?  Free candy, parties, Dressing up and not being considered crazy.  Everything about the holiday seems amazing.  My favorite part is dressing up like a jackass to be some dumb funny/scary costume, goign around getting free candy for a bit, then chilling with friends at a party and dancing around like some mental patient.

This year, what are you going to be dressing up as?  Feeling too old to dress up? lol I'm trying to get the merchandise together to be the "Tourette's Guy".  I got the neckbrace all ready, but i need the Tony the Tiger shirt.  Anyone know exactly where i can get this by Halloween? I need a XL Size shirt it'd help alot :)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

School (a rant)

I'm currently in a rut at school, and I'm starting to feel the pressures of class stresses.  I'm currently taking an introductory course in Financial Accounting, and got my first exam back, with a grade of a 60 out of 100... I tried my best and got this... i need to study for it more.  Anyone have any Accounting tips?

I'm also taking a Managerial Information course, and the teacher is teaching us nothing.  Everything and everything he says is just personal business and has no relevance to the course.  I don't even want to begin thinking of what my test grade is going to be for the test in this class lol...

The next class I'm enrolled in, is a class called Macroeconomics.  I've been told by many that this is an easy class with nothing to worry about.  However, the class is a 3 hour class and the teacher is so boring and it just drolls on... Our first test is Monday so i have to start reading and improving my knowledge in this base quickly.

I then have a marketing class which doesn't seem too rough, and a math class which imo i could sleep through everyday of the class and still get an A, I cant wait for this semester to be over...

I need to be less lazy, and really start hitting the gym/books more... I need motivational advice haha.

Good day/Good night my brethren, too all be merry.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Top 3 Natures' Pricks

I am often outside doing various duties such as gardening or pulling weeds or other odd jobs to fix things and i compiled a short list of the worst pricks nature has to offer.

Number 3: Thorns

So many plants have these i assume who ever made plants wanted to f with us as much as possible.  you'd think wearing gloves could stop these mofo's but no! They go right through!
No matter how much normal plants outweigh the number of thorned plants to act as a buffer, the thorns always get to you! Annoying!

Number 2: Bees!

These have got to be the worst animal on earth. They made any sane person stop and tremble with fear just by going next to an unsuspecting persons' ear and whispering "BZZ".  See one flying near you? You cant do anything about it! Stay still and you have to tremble in fear as it walks around on you slowly sizing you up to maybe sting/bite. Move or hit at it? You just created a war! It's now pissed congratulations.  Good Luck, its either u or him so let him have his last breath!!

Number 1! Splinters!

Anything made of wood may seem harmless, but nooo you will most likely get a splinter handling anythingg.. Gloved or not it doesn't matter, these buggers find a way to ruin your day.  Extreme pain and discomfort befall you if you get one of these, and to get one out? More pain and frustration trying to fish it out.  You ever see the saw movies? Its like a little saw experiment to get out a splinter, cause you have to like dig into your own flesh.  I utterly hate splinters and fear them everyday. :(

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Dark Humor

Something everyone should come across one day or another, is a branch of comedy called "Dark Humor".  Now it is mostly only appreciated by stone-cold S.o.b's of the internet, but I just want to share some with you, and see your opinions on it, and if you want to share some of your own sources.  This is not to be confused with "Anti-humor" as I will talk about at a later time, but rather, evil sadistic ways to embelish in others misfortune.  Possibly linked with the german word "Schadenfreude" which is the pleasure in another's misfortune, but maybe there are other reasons.  Possibly a link, one can find sorrow funny. Anyways:

A good bit on this is is supplied by with their famous comic strip "Cyanide and Happiness".  I love this comic strip, updated daily, and well worth the read.  Every so often they post dark humor and I will post some examples:

This next one is so sad :( Not for the feint of heart. . .

Those are just some, what are your opinions on these?

Monday, October 4, 2010

Moar funnies

I love these, i dont take credit for them, I don't know who made them, I just know if you google "Korean Comics" the first link has so many of them.  Check them out :)

Some funny comics

I highly recommend checking out these websites, some very funny comics to pass the time :o

all courtesy of  hilarious site, check it out


Scraps are a formidable archetype that are currently very tricky to deal with in today's meta.  However next set, the Scrap's get a massive boost with new cards.  After the introduction of Starstrike Blast: Scraps will definitely be top tier:

Let's go over the major cards in a scarp deck:

Scrap Dragon: (Run 2-3)

I'll start with the main card of the deck; this is the main synchro monster you'd use of this deck.  Destruction power with a revival effect if its destroyed anyway and sent to grave by the opponent. Awesome

Scrap Twin Dragon: (Run 2-3)

The big bad scrap boss monster as of Starstrike Blast.  A compulsory like effect for 2 cards, with a 3000 Atk , as well as a revival effect makes this card very hard to overcome.

Scrap Chimera: (Run 3)
He is hands down the engine of the deck.  Best card of the monsters imo, he can special summon one level 4 or lower scrap from grave; use it to its fullest. Him to Special Summon beast is a one card combo to get an instant Scrap Dragon. Worse comes to worse he's a 1700 beater.

Scrap Beast: (Run 2-3)

A 1600 Beater, 4 Star Tuner; and when it's destroyed by the effect of a scrap card it can bring one scrap monster from grave back to hand;  Viable choices to combo with this is Scrap Golem or Scrap Chimera for Scrap Twin Dragon or Scrap Dragon respectively

Scrap Golem: (Run 2-3)

This 5 Star 2300 Beater, can special summon one level 4 or lower scrap from grave.  Pretty easy to get out and you can choose either beast for ScrapTwin Dragon or Scrap Goblin for Scrap Dragon, or any other 8 star synchro.

Scrap Goblin: (Run 2-3)

This is one of my favorite cards, its a 3 star tuner monster that cannot be destroyed by battle, however when it is flipped face up then attacked, it is destroyed by its own effect at the end of the battle phase. Because its destroying itself, it can activate its effect that "when this card is destroyed by the effect of a Scrap card, add one scrap monster, except Scrap Goblin, to your hand" If its destroyed grab Chimera or someone to set up a combo for next turn :)

Scrapstorm (Run 3)

This card not only supplies the deck draw power, but also sets up for massive combos.  It is a quick play so it can be used during either turn, and if used on goblin or beast, it can bring any scrap monster from deck to hand.  Easily the best card for the deck.

Scrapyard: (Run 0-3)

This card is based on user preference, you can add one tuner scrap from deck to hand.  I like it, so I'd run 3, but its up to you.  Search out beast or goblin to stall a turn, or combine with scrapstorm for a set-up.

Scrap Mind Reader (Run 1)

This is a TCG exclusive card, stats are still unknown, but its rumored to be like the tuner "Glow up bulb", I'm assuming the effect of this card will be "1 Star Tuner, ?? ATK, ?? Def, while you control only Scrap Monsters, and this card is in grave you can send the top card of your deck to the graveyard to Special Summon this card from the graveyard.  This effect can only be used once per duel"

Interesting Tech Choices:

The Tricky: (Run 0-2)

Interesting tech seen in the last 2 YCS's, I like it personally with other cards, it can combo quite nicely.  Ditch a Scrap Beast, special summon it, then Normal Summon Chimera, and get beast, or Just SS it and normal beast, the choices are never ending.  I kinda like it, its a Cyber Dragon with a discard option.

Cyber Dragon (Run 0-3)

This card is a staple in any deck: It beats the crap out of Machina's and it can supply any 8 star synchro when comboed with Goblin.  Amazing card this format.  I say run 2.

Level Eater: (Run 0-1)

This card is amazing.  Combo with Scrap Dragon or Scrap Twin Dragon, and its a free destruction for you every turn!  Also it helps manipulate the levels of your monsters for synchro fodder.  Also becomes tribute fodder for an easy Golem or something, I definitely recommend running 1.

Summoner Monk(Run 1)

I personally love Monk in Scraps.  Ditch for Beast for any 8, or ditch for Goblin for Arcanite or Blackrose.  so good.

Double Summon (Run 0-2)

I like odd combos, and double summon sets up for them!  Summon Beast then scrapstorm him for Chimera, Double Summon him, and get an instant 8 star.  Or late game you can just summon 2 chimeras with 2 beasts, gg.

Card Trooper (Run 0-1)

Free mill, and a draw if destroyed: Why not?

Ryko(Run 0-2)

Creates a mill and destruction, its up to player preference, I personally have mixed feelings about him.  However if you run him, you might consider running Charge of the Light Brigade too.

Gorz (Run 0-1)

Gorz is too good to not consider running.  I would personally run him, cause he's game changing.

Ultimate Offering (Run 0-1)

This could be an interesting tech.  I might run one just to try it, its a continuous double summon. And with all these monsters in the deck, can create a lot of synchros.  Why not :)

My Sample Deck for next format:

Taking all of what I talked about in mind, here is my structure of deck i will try out next format:


Cyber Dragon x2
The Tricky x2
Scrap Golem x3
Scrap Chimera x3
Scrap Beast x3
Scrap Goblin x2
Summoner Monk
Card Trooper
Level Eater
Scrap Mind Reader


Scrapstorm x3
Scrapyard x2
Double Summon
Monster Reborn
Dark Hole
My Body as a Shield
Foolish Burial
Cold Wave


Bottomless Trap Hole x2
Dimensional Prison
Solemn Judgment
Mirror Force
Torrential Tribute
Starlight Road
Ultimate Offering
Call of the Haunted

 There, a Sample 20-10-10; 40 Card Scrap Deck for next format :) Cant wait to try it out.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Shit was so cash

Domino's Pizza.

use code "M59" 2 Topping, 2 Medium Pizza Minimum.  Just got 3 pizzas for like 23$~ Amazing new recipe :P Heavily recommend :p

Jalapeno+ Peperoni Pizza is so cash :3

Friday, October 1, 2010

Yugioh Duel Terminal 3 English Spoiler

I haven't been able to find a list of the new Duel Terminal 3 English Spoiler Set List, so I thought this would help a lot of people; good reference.

DT03-EN001 Vorse Raider (Common, DUEL TERMINAL)
DT03-EN002 Blackwing - Bora The Spear (Common, DUEL TERMINAL)
DT03-EN003 Junk Synchron (Rare, DUEL TERMINAL)
DT03-EN004 Time Wizard (Common, DUEL TERMINAL)
DT03-EN005 Newdoria (Common, DUEL TERMINAL)
DT03-EN006 Lava Golem (Super Rare, DUEL TERMINAL)
DT03-EN007 Elemental Hero Prisma (Common, DUEL TERMINAL)
DT03-EN008 Fabled Urustos (Common, DUEL TERMINAL)
DT03-EN009 Fabled Krus (Rare, DUEL TERMINAL)
DT03-EN010 Fabled Topi (Common, DUEL TERMINAL)
DT03-EN011 Fabled Soulkius (Super Rare, DUEL TERMINAL)
DT03-EN012 Fabled Miztoji (Common, DUEL TERMINAL)
DT03-EN013 Jurrac Ptera (Common, DUEL TERMINAL)
DT03-EN014 Jurrac Iguanon (Rare, DUEL TERMINAL)
DT03-EN015 Jurrac Brachis (Common, DUEL TERMINAL)
DT03-EN016 Jurrac Spinos (Rare, DUEL TERMINAL)
DT03-EN017 Naturia Dragonfly (Common, DUEL TERMINAL)
DT03-EN018 Naturia Sunflower (Common, DUEL TERMINAL)
DT03-EN019 Naturia Cliff (Super Rare, DUEL TERMINAL)
DT03-EN020 Naturia Triumph (Common, DUEL TERMINAL)
DT03-EN021 R-Genex Turbo (Common, DUEL TERMINAL)
DT03-EN022 R-Genex Overseer (Rare, DUEL TERMINAL)
DT03-EN023 R-Genex Crusher (Common, DUEL TERMINAL)
DT03-EN024 R-Genex Magma (Common, DUEL TERMINAL)
DT03-EN025 Shock Troops of the Ice Barrier (Common, DUEL TERMINAL)
DT03-EN026 Samurai of the Ice Barrier (Rare, DUEL TERMINAL)
DT03-EN027 Dewdark of the Ice Barrier (Common, DUEL TERMINAL)
DT03-EN028 Caravan of the Ice Barrier (Common, DUEL TERMINAL)
DT03-EN029 Worm Solid (Rare, DUEL TERMINAL)
DT03-EN030 Worm Tentacles (Common, DUEL TERMINAL)
DT03-EN031 Worm Ugly (Common, DUEL TERMINAL)
DT03-EN032 Worm Victory (Super Rare, DUEL TERMINAL)
DT03-EN033 Ultimate Ancient Gear Golem (Common, DUEL TERMINAL)
DT03-EN034 Dark Paladin (Rare, DUEL TERMINAL)
DT03-EN035 Elemental Hero Flame Wingman (Common, DUEL TERMINAL)
DT03-EN036 Fabled Leviathan (Ultra Rare, DUEL TERMINAL)
DT03-EN037 Jurrac Velphito (Super Rare, DUEL TERMINAL)
DT03-EN038 Naturia Balkion (Ultra Rare, DUEL TERMINAL)
DT03-EN039 Real Genex Kurokishian (Ultra Rare, DUEL TERMINAL)
DT03-EN040 Gungnir, Dragon of the Ice Barrier (Ultra Rare, DUEL TERMINAL)
DT03-EN041 Rush Recklessly (Common, DUEL TERMINAL)
DT03-EN042 Nobleman of Crossout (Common, DUEL TERMINAL)
DT03-EN043 Smashing Ground (Rare, DUEL TERMINAL)
DT03-EN044 Burial from a Different Dimension (Super Rare, DUEL TERMINAL)
DT03-EN045 Spell of Pain (Common, DUEL TERMINAL)
DT03-EN046 Compulsory Evacuation Device (Common, DUEL TERMINAL)
DT03-EN047 Threatening Roar (Rare, DUEL TERMINAL)
DT03-EN048 Damage Condenser (Common, DUEL TERMINAL)
DT03-EN049 Shadow Spell (Common, DUEL TERMINAL)
DT03-EN050 Widespread Ruin (Common, DUEL TERMINAL)
DT03-EN051 Debris Dragon (Common, DUEL TERMINAL)
DT03-EN052 Kuribon (Common, DUEL TERMINAL)
DT03-EN053 Golden Ladybug (Common, DUEL TERMINAL)
DT03-EN054 Archfiend of Gilfer (Common, DUEL TERMINAL)
DT03-EN055 Destiny Hero - Malicious (Common, DUEL TERMINAL)
DT03-EN056 Night Assailant (Common, DUEL TERMINAL)
DT03-EN057 Green Baboon, Defender of The Forest (Common, DUEL TERMINAL)
DT03-EN058 Elemental Hero Stratos (Rare, DUEL TERMINAL)
DT03-EN059 Dragunity Dux (Super Rare, DUEL TERMINAL)
DT03-EN060 Dragunity Legionnaire (Common, DUEL TERMINAL)
DT03-EN061 Dragunity Tribus (Rare, DUEL TERMINAL)
DT03-EN062 Dragunity Darkspear (Common, DUEL TERMINAL)
DT03-EN063 Dragunity Phalanx (Rare, DUEL TERMINAL)
DT03-EN064 Fabled Dyf (Common, DUEL TERMINAL)
DT03-EN065 Fabled Ashenveil (Super Rare, DUEL TERMINAL)
DT03-EN066 Fabled Oltro (Common, DUEL TERMINAL)
DT03-EN067 Jurrac Titano (Super Rare, DUEL TERMINAL)
DT03-EN068 Jurrac Guaiba (Common, DUEL TERMINAL)
DT03-EN069 Jurrac Stauriko (Common, DUEL TERMINAL)
DT03-EN070 Naturia Hostneedle (Rare, DUEL TERMINAL)
DT03-EN071 Naturia Flightfly (Common, DUEL TERMINAL)
DT03-EN072 Naturia Hydrangea (Common, DUEL TERMINAL)
DT03-EN073 R-Genex Accelerator (Common, DUEL TERMINAL)
DT03-EN074 R-Genex Oracle (Common, DUEL TERMINAL)
DT03-EN075 R-Genex Ultimum (Rare, DUEL TERMINAL)
DT03-EN076 Spellbreaker of the Ice Barrier (Common, DUEL TERMINAL)
DT03-EN077 General Grunard of the Ice Barrier (Super Rare, DUEL TERMINAL)
DT03-EN078 Ally of Justice Lethal Weapon (Super Rare, DUEL TERMINAL)
DT03-EN079 Ally of Justice Quarantine (Common, DUEL TERMINAL)
DT03-EN080 Ally of Justice Cycle Leader (Rare, DUEL TERMINAL)
DT03-EN081 Worm Warlord (Rare, DUEL TERMINAL)
DT03-EN082 Worm Xex (Common, DUEL TERMINAL)
DT03-EN083 Worm Yagan (Common, DUEL TERMINAL)
DT03-EN084 Worm Zero (Super Rare, DUEL TERMINAL)
DT03-EN085 Cyber Twin Dragon (Common, DUEL TERMINAL)
DT03-EN086 Elemental Hero Shining Flare Wingman (Rare, DUEL TERMINAL)
DT03-EN087 Dragunity Knight - Gae Bulg (Ultra Rare, DUEL TERMINAL)
DT03-EN088 Fabled Ragin (Ultra Rare, DUEL TERMINAL)
DT03-EN089 Vindikite R-Genex (Ultra Rare, DUEL TERMINAL)
DT03-EN090 Ally of Justice Decisive Armor (Ultra Rare, DUEL TERMINAL)
DT03-EN091 The Shallow Grave (Common, DUEL TERMINAL)
DT03-EN092 United We Stand (Common, DUEL TERMINAL)
DT03-EN093 Book of Moon (Rare, DUEL TERMINAL)
DT03-EN094 Brain Control (Common, DUEL TERMINAL)
DT03-EN095 Destiny Draw (Common, DUEL TERMINAL)
DT03-EN096 Offering to the Snake Deity (Common, DUEL TERMINAL)
DT03-EN097 Pixie Ring (Common, DUEL TERMINAL)
DT03-EN098 Skill Drain (Common, DUEL TERMINAL)
DT03-EN099 Ultimate Offering (Rare, DUEL TERMINAL)
DT03-EN100 Waboku (Common, DUEL TERMINAL)

YCS Philly

October 8th and 9th.

Going to be easily over 1300 people.  Everyone jammed in the Philadelphia Convention Center.  Well known Pros to people just starting and everyone in between will be there.  Since it's the first major tournament since the new ban-list, people are going to running a wide-range of decks.  Since I topped nationals with an aggressive deck, and I also top 8'd a smaller regional tournament with a Stun deck, I decided to mix the two ideas, and go with an Aggro Stun Control Deck.  For 4 weeks straight, I've been literally wrecking at my various locals which runs a wide-range of decks, so while I'm nervous to see what happens, I'm confident I'll do good.  These Tournaments last 2 days then cuts off to top percentage, then it becomes single elimination till there is a champion.  I would love to be that person :P.
This is where we are gonna stay for the event.  Place looks amazing, and I've had good experience with places like this in the past.

Monsters (20):
2 Chaos Sorcerer
2 Dimensional Alchemist
2 Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter
2 Cyber Dragon
2 Thunder King Rai-oh
2 Doomcaliber Knight
1 Plaguespreader Zombie
1 Card Trooper
1 Dark Armed Dragon
1 Blackwing Gale the whirlwind
1 Tragoedia
1 Gorz, the Emissary of Darkness
1 Sangan
1 Caius, the Shadow Monarch

Spells (11)  :
2 Pot of Duality
2 Book of Moon
2 Smashing Ground
1 Monster Reborn
1 Dark Hole
1 Gold Sarcophagus
1 Mystical Space Typhoon
1 Giant Trunade

Traps (9):
2 Bottomless Trap Hole
1 Solemn Warning
1 Solemn Judgment
1 Mirror Force
1 Dimensional Prison
1 Torrential Tribute
1 Call of the Haunted
1 Starlight Road

Anyone who knows anything about the game, care to offer some rates/fixes? :3