Monday, October 25, 2010

Challenge PC

I am hereby undergoing the start of a challenge with the aid of my friends and my followers on here:

Build the best computer I can, for under $800

This includes everything:
Graphics, RAM, Monitors, Keyboard, MotherBoard, Webcam, Headset, etc, hell, even the best Computer Chair!

I have been using and reusing an old computer I recieved as a gift in 2003... I need an upgrade.. haha it doesn't even run Windows 7 without difficulity on the home screen.

The only thing i think i can salvage is the Chassis of the PC, the Mouse, and the Speakers lol.

My friends are scouring for the cheapest and the best, but I want your opinion if there are better places to buy.  I want primo stuff people, I want 720-1080i monitors, a nice keyboard, a Graphics Card capable of dual monitoring and playing games on Medium to high quality. 

Challenge is very efficient but also extremely budget lol.

If you know of any parts that rise above the compition in quality and price please post it!


  1. good idea man, good way to save money

  2. My laptop is starting to fail me now. I need to get some cash to either fix it up or build a new one. Good luck with yours my friend.

  3. Fantastic idea. Next time I'm in the computer market, I'll do something like this.

  4. this sounds like a very attainable goal :)

  5. $800 seems like a pretty generous figure...