Wednesday, November 3, 2010


What are we?

We May be living/breathing humans.  But there's so much more... What happens when we die? Which religion is right? No one knows.  No offense, but i think as sober individuals, we don't have the thinking prowess that we need to even try to comprehend these answers.  We need individuals to constantly do drugs/drink to try and find the most mystifying of lifes' answers.

I am most partial to the answer that we are one and the same.  Just think we are all the same individual but in different lifetimes.  Like for example, as of my experience of now, I am me, just a humble funny college student, but my next life is hitler, or george washington, or a small asian girl in the phillipines, but it repeats over and over to be another lifepoint of someone else.  Just freaken imagine it.  Its so fucking deep... How cool would it be though? To experience all of life... its troubles, its pleasures.... and once its all finally done.. You can reflect on everything you learned.

Which religion is correct?  Theres hundreds.. Christianity? Jewism? (lol jk)  We can all hope and pray... when you look at all of them from a distance, all of them sound good!  But what if its just nothing... we're just dead... its like a night of sleep when you have no dream. . . . for all of eternity.. . That will be the worst choice of all, but sadly that might just be how it actually is! Thats where science is saying what it is like...

At funerals, you're told not to cry out of sadness, and what once was... but to be happy that your loved ones has finally moved over to the eternal afterlife, the better part of existance... but what if thats not true... What do you do when your dead? Imagine the eternal tortures of constantly thinking without being to vent.. Thats why im typing this all here... expressing my thoughts into words for the meeger 3 of you to read this... Wanting to scream to a love one how much you truly love them... That's why I guess whoever the greater power (if there is one at all) wants us on here.  Its sorta a test, to see how well we live the life we're given no matter how short it is...

Not gonna lie then, if that's the challenge, to go out and try to find true happiness, then i fucking fail horribly.. There have been many a time where I should've gone out and told you I loved you... Hell, if it didn't reciprate well, then who gives a damn? But if it did? I'd be the happiest man on the planet. lol, theres many men on the planet that think like this... We can be the toughest guys on print, but in real life? We just can't muster the courage... Guys/Girls.. Women/men.. You're amazing you truly are.  There's a reason we're on this planet we just have to find it.  And if it's true I am you, I love you and you love me :P and Fuck barney for those copyright issues... haha


  1. i dont think il be sleeping tonight lol

  2. Thanks man, not like I had anything else to think about today. Now I'll be all distracted and existential.

  3. I've often pondered similar things. Like, we're not God's children, we're God's child.

  4. I live my life to the fullest every day :3

  5. good post though i actually read it again