Wednesday, February 23, 2011


So there's this product available suspiciously at ($60 after shipping) with I just recently bought and am rather excited to try out.  It is a full body suit made of space age stretchy polymers.  I can most likely describe it accurately to "the material you find in those scary Halloween masks that you can see out but cant see in".  Me and several friends plan to get these and invade certain situations, effectively turning them from mild mannered events into wild, free spirited parties.  
Ironic that the website says that you can drink in these outfits, that would make raves and other such party events amazing.  When I get mine in the mail I'll make an effective hands-on review :)

Sunday, February 20, 2011


Quick post this time my friends, but I hate professors that just steal quizes, tests from various online book websites haha, so far im 100% on my law quizes because the teacher steals all the questions from the book website where I can just guess answers and then it shows me all the answers... haha i love it...

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Small post; i need tumblr followers/followees:  My account is please add me, ill add you, i love reading the news feed when im bored/at school, so anythings welcome! :D 

On an unrelated note almost at 100 followers on here! :( so close!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Boy am I late with trends aren't I?  There has been a genre of music known as Dubstep for several months growing quite popular by many for its various mixed beats, combining a genre of hardcore, techno, groove, club, rock, and everything in between.  

Various DJ's have the liberty to make anything there hard desires with various stills of sound used in amazing combinations to literally blow ones mind lol.  Bass and techno songs are my cup of tea, and my boy Marc hooked me up with several tracks to get me started on finding new everyday listening material, and i am quite impressed by these two in perticular.  So catchy, yet oddly relaxing/calming.  Give it a listen if you will:

- Slatz Slatz Slatz

- iSquare

Both by Skrillex

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Little Big Planet 2

Haven't updated in a while, my apologies, Spring Semester has been hectic so far haha x.X


Got a new game last week, loving it so far; Little Big Planet 2.  Not many visual updates from the last game, but a butt load of new content, and such vast expansions on what people can do when they make there own levels.

The thing i love the most about this game that i didn't notice in the last game is the grappling hook. It makes multi-player so much fun and hectic.  The game offers so many more diverse puzzles when the possibilities on how to achieve the goals are drastically opened.  This game offers endless playability as players can go on online and easily traverse thousands of user created levels.  People can also play remakes of old games through the LbP2 engine.  Definitely worth a rent/buy! And it definitely deserves its avg of 9.2/10 Score rating.