Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Little Big Planet 2

Haven't updated in a while, my apologies, Spring Semester has been hectic so far haha x.X


Got a new game last week, loving it so far; Little Big Planet 2.  Not many visual updates from the last game, but a butt load of new content, and such vast expansions on what people can do when they make there own levels.

The thing i love the most about this game that i didn't notice in the last game is the grappling hook. It makes multi-player so much fun and hectic.  The game offers so many more diverse puzzles when the possibilities on how to achieve the goals are drastically opened.  This game offers endless playability as players can go on online and easily traverse thousands of user created levels.  People can also play remakes of old games through the LbP2 engine.  Definitely worth a rent/buy! And it definitely deserves its avg of 9.2/10 Score rating.


  1. I really wanted to play the original, never got the chance...

  2. awesopme game man!

  3. loved the original, gotta get my hands on this one