Tuesday, December 6, 2011

How to piss off every Pizza driver

My friends a pizza driver so he told me a trick that if a person gets there pizza and the cheese is slid off they get a new free pizza, so i thought of this comic haha

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Human Centipede 2

Human Centipede is a gore themed Horror Movie that is a sequel to the 2010 hit Human Centipede. It is a direct sequel to the movie where a man named Martin (who has some deep mental problems) is so infatuated with the original movie of Human Centipede that he in essence dedicates his life to studying and trying to live out what the scientist in the first movie could not accomplish but on a much bigger scale, (12 people linked mouth to anus rather than just 3). This movie is very sickening especially in the aspect that unlike the precedence who had medicinal knowledge and cleanliness, this man uses household objects and no sanitary conditions to speak of, also his inferior knowledge base on human surgery makes you squirm even more! It is a must watch for all horror and gore fans!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Broccoli with ranch

I will share a family recipe I just made its delicious:

Broccoli with ranch

1 serving of broccoli (steamed)
1 tablespoon of chipotle ranch salad dressing

Boil water set up steaming station
Steam broccoli to taste

Drizzle ranch over it

Bon apetite!
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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Quotes - 2

"When the time presents itself, you have to take it, or else it wouldnt have presented itself all nicely for you."

Pretty much saying that opportunity doesn't knock often.

Yugioh Slap In the Face

As days of yesteryears gone by, one fact remained true; certain Yugioh cards reached a monetary point that made it questionable to get them. The key money cards, that dominated ebays transaction lists, and that only the best of the best had them. There were cards that reached over 150$ such as Pot of Duality, or the more recent Tour Guide from the Underworld. However, Konami had to figure that they were losing money from attracting people to play the game and they felt a little god-work with manipulating rules and reprints were in order.

Firstly, a huge collector's hit withen the last few months was the card Pot of Duality becoming a super in a series of 20$ tins... Now mind you this was grand for one card.. but they're doing it for a lot of cards now...

Archlord Kristya... used to be 50$ now it resides in the same pack with PoD...

And now coming in November, another one of the last heavy hitters of expensive cards is Solemn Warning... and its being dealt the same fate as Kristya and Pot of Duality... being reprinted in a 20$ tin... When will this carnage end?

Quotes - 1

I have beginning to surprise myself with random outbursts of unfound knowledge, and when I sputter something out that sounds philosophical or entertaining to some end, i often write it down, so once a day I'm going to put a quote here, discuss it as you wish;

"You cannot live a happy life if you're serious all the time"

People need to learn how to emotionally juggle their feelings. People need to be patient and not rash with their decisions. People need to calm down and enjoy the life that goes by them. Every moment in someones life is unique and cannot be replaced, so people should be enthusiastic about everything they do.

I've often thought of this example to a strenuous exaggeration and it's quite comical, imagine that one guy whose so excited that its sort of awkward. For example the 2nd baseman of a baseball team that's overly excited. We need more people like that just because if he tries hard enough, he will successfully motivate the other players to enjoy the time they're having and to give it their all.

Troll Quotes

Troll Quotes are a funny internet meme where it displays a well known cartoon or video game charecter, however, the wrong name is displayed with a common quote associating with neither the picture of the person nor the name of the person... These can be quite a laugh if all 3 tie well together. Here was one I found scouring the interwebs...

Raz Lyrics T&E

These are the lyrics to the Raz best friend Song made by Tim and Eric

(Hit me in the back now)
In the what?.. in the junk?... (ooo yea)
(Hit me in the back now)
In the what?.. in the junk?...


Are you talking to me?
You look like a man i can be a best friend with.
okay here i come.

Come on with Raz now,
Hop on my jet ski,
Grab on to my waist; take a ride with me please.
(But what about the hoes?)
Hey! who needs the hoes!?
Gonna show you how to have the perfect vacation,
Gonna sync you up to the island vibration,
What do you say? (I'm open to that)
Now get a metal piercing,
Eyebrows and naval,
Make 'em magnetic, no need for painful,
Showin' the dreadlocks.
Shells on the neck,
Shells on the wrist,
Now string 'em all up, get the shells on the ankle.
Underwater camera,
Disposable camera!
Groovin' on the beach,
Jamin' coconuts,
Get a silly straw from the silly straw hut.

(Virgin Colada) No rum!
(Virgin Colada) No rum!

Google "Red Lobster",
Make a reservation,
Pager will buzz you when your tables' ready,
Get the appetizer.
Certain locations prices will vary,
Talk to the manager,
Ask for the special catch of the day.
Manager discount. (Okay!)
Its the best vacation ever!
BFF forever!
Its a tropical endeavor,
For the island holiday!

Things that fly over your head

Have you ever done things where later on you open up and learn realizations that just flew over your head the first few times you should have encountered it?

For example, when I was a kid I watched Rugrats millions of times, and since I was young I didn't look out for adult humor... and then you see something like this on the scours of the internet...

any instances you guys have to share?

I type this as I cannot sleep

Ambition, Integrity, Drive, Ingenuity.

These are the motivators for which people do this things to satisfy.

After thinking for the past few days, I feel that it doesn't hurt trying to do things, as long as you give them your all. Because of this i'm starting to research how certain careers are attainable and I'm trying to pick up hobbies/jobs that interest me in an achievable way.

First one I've encountered on my path is a few websites/businesses are looking for eBay sellers; those who are proficient enough in the tangled web of eBay to lend a helping hand and try to get a symbiotic relationship between the two parties started.

So anyway, I made this cover letter for my eBay experience and thought I'd share it here... If anyone needs an eBay seller, contact me sometime, and I'll try to give advice and help here and there and maybe we can work out a deal :)

Friday, August 12, 2011


On the back of every American dollar is the proud Pyramid of Light "Annuit Cueptis Novus Ordo Seclorum" denoting our proud 1776 year in (MDCCLXXVI) form at the base. Located withen the 4th bottom row of this pyramid is denotaed a block that looks strangely familiar picture.

Now I think this proves time travel as real because some Anon went back in time to put the face in the pyramid.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

six flags great adventure

Me and my girl are at six flags for the day and we are trying to experience all the best rides this place has to offer. I figure ill apply a little of my roller coaster experience to rate the rides I traverse today:

Park opened and we rushed towards the new Green Lantern ride as it is new and I personally hadn't had the priviledge. The ride atmosphere looks great, its well presented, line structure is good. The whole coaster is painted green except for one part where I assume they'll paint it this fall. The ride is a 4 man by 6 row train and the seats are not seats. Its an elevated crotch plate that suggests where you will stand for the duration (I messed up and my ride was uncomfortable for the most part) it locked down on me and I had to awkwardly slump ah well. Ride starts out well and it goes up a hill to begin its descent. Through twists and turns, its actually rather fun. I sat on the outside and it felt the whole time that I was at risk of falling. The speed, and wind definately make it a great first ride of the day, definately got us pumped for kingda ka!

Excitement: 8/10
Safety feeling: 6/10
Comfortability: 3/10
Line wait: 45 mins
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Thursday, August 4, 2011

driving to indianapolis!

Hello all!

I need to start updating this more often so I figure why not another mention of a road trip by Team Onnegus.

As you may know we are a band of friends from north jersey, and we are en route to indy for gencon indy as well as a yugioh championship event.

So far on our shenanigans, we've passed numerous cars and we like trolling while driving. If there's room to pass a car in front of you in the left lane and you drive to pass in the right we are those people who speed up and block you from passing then slow down. I even made a "u mad bro ;)" sign on my phone to laugh at the resulting frustration. Yes we are assholes. But its something fun to do on a 10 hour car ride.

We went to a gas station. Had a great time. Long awkward line for bathroom so we troll the people waiting with such tidbits as why did we drive up from florida to indy and pass through pa we should've flown lol resulting in lulz from people overhearing our convos and judging us.

We also all went in to the bathroom together to create lulz from the people waiting. We don't give a f.

Ill keep this updated with more shenanigans as we drive we are on hour 3 of this trip and its my shift to drive. Fun fun fun fun looking forward to the weekend.
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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Feature Match 1

Feature match
Dimensional Traveler George Weber vs Landscaper Steven Hole

George rolls a 5
Steve rolls a 2

George draws to 5 with Solemn judgement, Reborn Tengu, Guardian Eatos, D. D Survivor, and Trade In. Draws for turn. D fissure. Plays it, then SS Eatos, Normal summon Survivor, Sets 2 ends,

Hall MSTs D Fissure. Summons Card Trooper, Activates effect mills, Warning, Zephroys, and Glow up Bulb. Great mill! Attacks over Survivor for 100, then Ends.

George draws Trade In, Normals Reborn Tengu, attacks over card trooper for 1300, Steve draws for card trooper, then george attacks with Eatos 3800 dmg to Weber, sets one, and ends.

Hall activates foolish burial, sending Dandylion to get 2 tokens SS'd to his side of the field. Hall activates Glow up bulb sending Tengu from top of deck to graveyard. Synchros for Formula Synchron activating effect to draw a card. Normals Thunder King Rai oh in attack. Syncs with Formula, Token, and TKRO to summon Black Rose and Weber negates with Solemn Judgment. 3950 remaining for Weber vs 4200 for Hall. Hall sets 2 and passes.

George draws Reborn Tengu, Eatos attacks into Book of Moon. Weber attacks with Tengu for 1700 dropping Hall to 2500.

Steve draws and activates Pot of avarice, targeting BRD, Formula, reborn tengu, dandylion, and thunder king rai-oh. Hall has a mental orgasm exclaiming "Oh my god, thats' so good" as he plays lonefire blossom. Activates effect then responds with Torrential Tribute to clear Webers field!! Weber gets another Tengu, and Hall gets another Lonefire then does effect into a Defense position Dandylion. and passes.

George draws into Macro Cosmos. Normal summons the third Reborn Tengu attacks the dandylion and one token, sets one then passes, which gets Dust Tornadod in the end phase.

Hall draws and summons Debris Dragon and SS's Dandylion in Attack Mode, he synchros for 7 and does Black Rose Dragon destroying the field, he hits Georges 2 Trade in, and 2 Tengu, and his own Royal Oppression

George draws into D Prison, sets it and ends.

Hall summons Effect Veiler and summos formula synchron and draws.

George draws Skill drain sets it and ends.

Hall summons Veiler and syncs for a second Formula Synchron and draws.

George draws Book of Moon, sets and ends.

Steve draws, "I dont know if i should play cautious or aggressive" proclaims Hall. As he plays Giant Trunade. Summons TKRO attacks for 1900. Dropping George to 2050. Ends.

George Draws Dark Bribe and sets it,

MArc Hahn is kicked out of the arena for helping.

Hall draws, and attacks with Thunder king into Dimensional Prison, Normal summons another Thunder King!! Passes

George draws Barbaros and Normal summons it, enters battle phase and Hall interupts with Formuals effect, Weber Chains skill drain! dropping to 1050 left. Barbaros Attacks TKRO for 1100 bringing Hall down to 1400.

Hall draws and with 4 cards in hand and 2 Formula Synchrons on the field, and activates Mind Control. Weber responds with Dark Bribe. Hall sets a monster, and ends

George draws into Banisher of the Radiance andNormal Summons it. Banisher attacks over Formula and so does Barbaros.

Hall draws to 4 in hand and a set monster vs Georges Barbaros, Banisher, one face down and a activated Skill Drain. This is looking like an uphill battle for Steven Hole. Sets a monster, Ends.

George draws into another Skill Drain attacking over a Reborn Tengu, Effect activates. Banisher attacks the next Tengu and ends.

Hall draws and examines Webers grave. Taking a long time determining the right course of action. Going through his own grave he sighs and looks quite disappointed. Skill Drain is too big of an obstacle for Hole. He activates Monster Reborn targeting Dandylion and Weber allows it. Hall sets another monster and ends.

Weber draws into Return from the different dimmension and attacks the dandylion and a face down ryko. and ends.

Hall draws and sets another monster.

George draws into Smashing Ground, attacks a token and another face down ryko. ends.

Hall proclaims he misplayed and is disappointed overall. Dejectingly draws and says "hope i get lucky" . shuffles his graveyard and activates One for one, sending Gorz as Cost. LP Count: Weber 1050 to Halls 1400. Hall summons Spore in def. with One for One and ends. Goes back and says he doesnt to end again...

George draws into Cyber Valley, and attcks with barbaros into face down its a tengu, Banisher hits a token. ends

Hall activates Pot of Avarice: 3 Tengu, Card Trooper and Dandylion. Draws 2 and sets a f/d monster and s/t and ends.

George draws another Smashing Ground and plays it, destorying Spore, Barbaros attacks Tengu and Banisher cannot attack over the next one so Weber enters MP2 and sets one s/t.

Hall draws and proclaims he has victory unless Weber has one card... well Weber has 3 f/d for him to tackle over. Steve takes a minute for some basic math and keeps talking to himself... shuffles grave again and activates Spore Removing Lonefire, its summoned to the field as a level 1, Weber does Book of Moon on Spore... hall waits and takes the 3 minutes alloted and flips Spore face down, and SS's Zephyros returning Tengu to hand to SS another one, puts both tengu and Zeph in defense and ends.

George draws a dead Solemn Warning. Banisher attacks Spore and Barbaros hits Zephyros. MP2, Smashing Ground on Tengu, sets 2 cards s/t's and ends.

Hall draws into 4 and 1 f/d s/t and summons another Tengu, and attacks over Banisher. George now has 950 to Halls 1400.

George draws an Eatos and attacks Tengu with Barbaros bringing Hall down to 100 left. and ends

Hall sets a s/t and sets a monster ends
George draws into another banisher and normal summons it. Barbaros attacks into a Debris Dragon. Hall activates COth in response to Banishers attack targeting Gorz. Weber stops his attack. Weber ends.

Hall draws and winces in pleasure. and plays MST on skill drain. Tributes Gorz for Caius and targets itself for 1000 burn just enough to defeat George!!! Great Game 1!!!

Game 2

Weber starts things off with a hand of D.D Survivor, Barbaros, Solemn Warning, Mirror Force, and MST. Draws another Barbaros. Sets Mirror Force MST and Solemn Warning, Summons Barbaros ends.

Hall draws and drops a card almost revealing it to his opponent. Summons Lonefire Blossom, Weber responds with Solemn Warning dropping him to 6000 LP. Sets one s/t/ loses it to Webers MST.

Weber Draws Solemn Judgment. Attacks for 1900 with Barbaros. Hall 6100. sets Solumn, ends.

Hall draws and summons debris dragon targeting lonefire blossom. He then synchros into Black Rose dragon and asks for boom? And weber responds with judgment 3000 for Weber, both players agree to let the solemn go through even though Weber was a little late with activation. Hall activates Dark Hole and ends.

Weber draws Torrential Tribute, and summons D.D Survivor, attacks for 1800 and drops hall to 4300. he sets torrential and ends.

Hall draws and chuckles. Examining grave and thinking of possible plays. Hall summons Cyber dragon then tributes for Caius! Targets Torrential Tribute with its ffect and Weber chains it.

Weber draws Smashing ground, summons barbaros and attacks dropping hall to 2400.

Hall draws. Summons Lonefire Blossom. Weber sighs. Hall activates effect and summons Dandylion from deck. ends

Weber draws Cyber Valley, and attacks the dandylion with Barbaros, getting hall 2 fluff tokens.

Hall draws and tributes a token for Caius, and targets a face down Smashing Ground. Hall is hesitant to attack, and evntually ativates MST on the facedown Mirror Force, and attacks barbaros to bring weber to 2500.

Weber draws macro cosmos and sets it and summons cyber valley.

Hall draws and attacks it to let weber draw Dimensional Prison.

Weber draws Barbaros and sumons it and attacks a token sets the D prison. Proclaiming how stupid of a draw it was.

Hall draws and summons thunder king. and suicides with barbaros and loses caius to d prison.

Weber draws another d prison and sets it.

Hal summons thunder king and attacks into another d prison, sets one and ends.

Weber draws a Dark bribe sets and end.

Hall sets one ends.

Weber draws D prison and sets it.

Hall summons Reborn Tengu and attacks to bring George to 800 LP.

Weber summons his own tengu and it falls into Solemn Warning. George activates Dark Bribe.

Weber activates Macro Cosmos and attempts to colide Tengus. Hall waits and eventually allows it. They both summon a second one. Collide again, and SS the Third. Weber attacks into Mirror Force.

Hall draws and attacks for game into Dimensional Prison

Weber at 800, Hall at 400. Hall sets a monster and 2 s/t. ends.

Weber draws and sumons Banisher and attacks a Effect Veiler.

Hall uses COTH to summon Caius and attack over Banisher for game.

Victor Steven Hole.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Ya Didn't But Whatever

Popular internet meme's have often confusing back stories which need to catch on slowly before people can get them. Take a man, who is surrounded by "trolls" for friends. Continuous information that can only be subjugated as sarcasm is not taken lightly and often that person needs to sarcastically retaliate and the following pictures reflect his opinion. This meme was created by me, and the aspect is to have a picture of someone famous, with a quote pertaining to their success or misc story, and have a stamp of this man saying "Ya didn't but whatever"

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Team Onnegus on Youtube!

My team, Team Onnegus is starting to record duels and put them up on Youtube.  Here's the first of many with me and my friend George.

Subscribe to the channel and keep updated! :D

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Troll Physics

I've been amassing these funny story board comics as of late, and some of them legitimately sound like they would work... Obviously they don't but it makes you wonder why not, and if it did work how easy things would be lol. Enjoy.

New Yugimonz product: Duelist tin 2011

I'm intrigued to all ends over this new product:

It contains:

3 x Duelist Pack 10: Yusei Fudo 3
1 x Duelist Revolution Booster Pack
1 x Secret Rare card
1× Frozen Fitzgerald
1 x all-foil 3-card promo pack
Hundred-Eyes Dragon
Zeman the Ape King
Underground Arachnid

Now what you non-yugi peoples see is jibberish. But to me, thats serious bank potential, So i have to decide if I want to maximize my efforts on this product.

Now see: For pack wise, It has 3 Duelist Yusei 3 packs, and 1 Duelist Revolution Pack.

Now lets just say in this day and age Duelist Revolution is like Jenna Jameson in her prime. If its there and willing you dont say why.. you jump on it. Duelist Revolution is THE Money set when it comes to yugioh these days. I can name easily 10 cards in the set that are worth over 20$... Effect Veiler easy 20. Fabled Raven easy 25. Scrap Dragon easy 25, Solemn Warning easy 70. Finally the big daddy of them all:

Pot of Duality... Easy 130$ Now thats money. Okay maybe not 10 good cards... but those are the forte, and there are many cards in the set which hover around the 10$ price range, so essentially one good pack pays for all the rest.

Now thats only 1/4th of the pack deals: You also get 3x Duelist Pack Yusei 3. This is a garbage set, but if you pull an Effect Veiler or Starlight Road the packs worth it. Effect veiler is a 15% pull right now and is only a rare. So I have to say you'll get at least 1 every 2 tins unless proportions were messed up.

Now onto the extra bonuses, the included holos. The supers are long ago released secret rares so people may want them, easy 2$ each for those, then you get to the main reason people buy the tin:

Frozen Fitzgerald:

I think this card looks badass. Not very viable but I can still see it selling for at least 2-3$ I want one or two just for the collectiblility factor haha, but anyway adding up the value this tin is adding, its interpreted worth is easily around 20$ easily making up for its 10$ price tag at local stores.

Money Matters

I'm planning on taking a flight to Orlando for a tournament, and I was wondering if anyone who follows me here can help. I need the cheapest flight possible to and from Orlando, from Newark International Airport (EWR). Now anyone with their wisdom can tell me some travel secrets, or if anyone can help me make some quick money before the end of may let me know! Email: DDRMidgetID@gmail.com Thanks

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Updated Store

Hey everyone, I recently got a lot more cards from random events, and because of such I updated my eBay store, It's now under a new name, I want to start fresh to get the eBay Powersellers advantages! So take a look for anything you like and purchase things, I'm quite fair on my prices! Also If there is a Yugioh card you're looking for not on my store, just e-mail me at DDRMidgetID@gmail.com and ask for it and we'll work something out.

eBay Store: http://myworld.ebay.com/ddrmidgetid1337

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

such a shitty song

this is such a shitty song, but its so funny that dumb parts behind it... like why are they driving at 13?Why are they partying? Wtf is with the lyrics? (gotta wait at the bus stop, oh theres my friends ill go with them)... etc haha enjoy

YCS Charlotte

To start off this is the recap of events that happened in my experience for Ycs Charlotte that happened over this past weekend.

Me and my team: (Team Onnegus) we borrowed a friends van to drive down to north carolina.

Thursday night we gathered at my house for playtesting. This turned into a surprise visit by Jarel Pro Winston. He gave us a 2 hour speech on how to fine tune our decks/sides etc and eventually it neared 2am so we departed:

Ride was 12 hours shenanigans ensued etc:

We got there friday around 3pm and we checked in hotel/pre reged/got some good trades in. Ex. 2 malefic stardusts for a shi en, shit was so cash

Later that night we play people then go to the hotel pool. Team onnegus was all wearing speedos, and we go into a 3 foot pool with 20ish little boys/girls with jeering angry laughing mothers haha how awkward.

So anyway we play test somemore and get some sleep:

Day 1:

We were all nervous but time to play

I will edit this later cause i know some rounds may be mixed up with order (im at school currently)

My deck: Control Dragunities

Particular games that stand out:

Round 2: light hero

I won the die roll so i chose to began. First duel shenanigans and i wasted all my resources to get him low and couldnt quite finish. The 1 for 1s that deck has plus the thunder king/gemini spark/hero blast really hurts. Lose game 1, game 2 i draw the nuts, go into stardust first turn really control the battle, he does shining gets over stardust next turn i brio and shoot for game. Game 3 is where i get pissed. The game goes back and forth hed summon a monster attack set a back row, and id follow with an aklys > legionaire play and it was back andf forth for a few turns. I get him down to 800 left with a legionaire on my field and he has 3 face downs no hand. I have legionaire and dux in hand, his mirror force was used already and i couldve shouldve summoned another legionaire to push for game but instead i attacked into hero blast then summoned dux into bottomless... fffffuuu

Round 4: six sams

Game one i start and i saw he dropped a six sam card while shuffling, so i opened with a set reaper and some face downs. He explodes into double shien and grandmaster and i lulz at the 4 turn wall i have. I make brio next turn and kill my hand to get rid of his synchros and get d prisoned. Eventually he draws into enishi and wins. Game 2 i draw into kinetic soldier, so i make a strong hand and set it he makes a field and attacks it, i proceed to make a stardust and protect it and hit him to 0. Game 3 i get him to just 3 back row and he summons kaizan vs my stardust. Now a pro can smell out the baited mirror force > six sam counter trap from this so i make brio and bounce his monster he tops dumb and i lose i forget how thats how bs it was lmfao.

Round 5: another light hero deck

Back and forth for the most part but i win game 1; we side and in game 2 he goes for a push for zero, and i oppresion the miracle fusion. He laughs that i would leave that in against him but its pro, makes his cyber dragons and all miracle fusions/future fusion dead. Because of this control i easily win game 2

Round 6: lightsworn

How did regular lightsworn get this far? He made no big plays cept for one jd game one that i played around, honestly an easy 2-0 with my mained veilers and oppression

Round 7: gk

Played a known topper so i was like greattt haha. He knew me from websites so we got to talking seemed pretty cool. He opened the nuts game 1 set spy necrovalley, 3 down and tribute i fight back but still lose after descendant wrecks me. One thing im mad at is this guy trolled me so bad. I had ravine out and he played valley. I msted it and he said mine got destroyed too, i said no judge was called. Judge said mine was destroyed. i was like wtf appeal. 15 mins waiting for head judge, comes over says im right. My opponent laughs and does commandant. Fucking shitting me? Troll
Game 2 i just get raped. Ugh so mad lol. I dropped here, 4-3 was still phased by round 2 loss uggghhhh shouldve won lol:p
Anyway my bro marc went undefeated for a good while. Got a feature match round 5 with gk. Made 2 and almost top 32'd (got 36th congrats man)

Did 3rd best of our group and my friend Cubby finally got his nats invite!


Good trades (got 3 meltiels haha finallly)
Marc doing so well featureee!
Speedos in pool
Meeting and chilling with so many chill pros
Car ride
Trolling everyone
Limp noodle
Cracker barrel (george pretending he was blind ahahaha)


Car ride
Dealing with assholes sometimes hah

Oh well time to prepare for next one :o

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

North Carolina Trip

Sorry I haven't been updating this too much lately, school was a bitch to end on a good note to relax for Spring Break shenanigans.

Tomorrow me and my crew are getting ready to depart down to Charlotte, for another YCS event.  8-12 Hour drive will ensue, with Hotel Shenanigans soon after.  Hopefully at least one of us will make the later tables.:
Image just because

My teams lineup currently looks like:
2 Monarch
1 Dragunity
1 Gravekeepers
1 Stun
1 Infernity or X-Saber

Good Diversity, hope to see at least one of us do good.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Dragunity Deck

I'm working on a Dragunity Deck for Yugioh currently.  Most likely I'll run this for the Yugioh Championship Series in North Carolina.

3 Dragunity Dux
3 Legionaire
3 Aklys
3 Phalanx
2 Mystletainn
1 Leyvantain
1 Sangan

3 Dragon Canyon
2 Pot of Avarice
2 Forbidden Lance
2 Cards of Cons.
Giant Trunade
Book of Moon
Future Fusion
Dark Hole
Pot of Duality

2 Solemn Warning
Solemn Judgment
Mirror Force
Torrential Tribute
Bottomless Trap Hole
Icarus Attack
Seven Tools


2 thunder king
2 D.D Crow
2 Effect Veiler
2 Cyber Dragon
1 Maxx C
1 Kinetic Soldier
1 Royal Oppression
1 Trap Stun
2 Chain Disappearence

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


So there's this product available suspiciously at morphsuits.com ($60 after shipping) with I just recently bought and am rather excited to try out.  It is a full body suit made of space age stretchy polymers.  I can most likely describe it accurately to "the material you find in those scary Halloween masks that you can see out but cant see in".  Me and several friends plan to get these and invade certain situations, effectively turning them from mild mannered events into wild, free spirited parties.  
Ironic that the website says that you can drink in these outfits, that would make raves and other such party events amazing.  When I get mine in the mail I'll make an effective hands-on review :)

Sunday, February 20, 2011


Quick post this time my friends, but I hate professors that just steal quizes, tests from various online book websites haha, so far im 100% on my law quizes because the teacher steals all the questions from the book website where I can just guess answers and then it shows me all the answers... haha i love it...

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Small post; i need tumblr followers/followees:  My account is http://ddrmidgetid.tumblr.com/ please add me, ill add you, i love reading the news feed when im bored/at school, so anythings welcome! :D 

On an unrelated note almost at 100 followers on here! :( so close!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Boy am I late with trends aren't I?  There has been a genre of music known as Dubstep for several months growing quite popular by many for its various mixed beats, combining a genre of hardcore, techno, groove, club, rock, and everything in between.  

Various DJ's have the liberty to make anything there hard desires with various stills of sound used in amazing combinations to literally blow ones mind lol.  Bass and techno songs are my cup of tea, and my boy Marc hooked me up with several tracks to get me started on finding new everyday listening material, and i am quite impressed by these two in perticular.  So catchy, yet oddly relaxing/calming.  Give it a listen if you will:

- Slatz Slatz Slatz

- iSquare

Both by Skrillex

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Little Big Planet 2

Haven't updated in a while, my apologies, Spring Semester has been hectic so far haha x.X


Got a new game last week, loving it so far; Little Big Planet 2.  Not many visual updates from the last game, but a butt load of new content, and such vast expansions on what people can do when they make there own levels.

The thing i love the most about this game that i didn't notice in the last game is the grappling hook. It makes multi-player so much fun and hectic.  The game offers so many more diverse puzzles when the possibilities on how to achieve the goals are drastically opened.  This game offers endless playability as players can go on online and easily traverse thousands of user created levels.  People can also play remakes of old games through the LbP2 engine.  Definitely worth a rent/buy! And it definitely deserves its avg of 9.2/10 Score rating.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Hi res OoT

I got bored the other day, so i wished to replay the legend of Zelda, Ocarina of time.  However, I am a man of this new high def generation so i scoured the internet to find something to suit my needs:

What I found what this website:http://www.hackit.info/2006/07/legend-zelda-oot-hires-pack-installation-guide/

Took like an hour to get it all done, but well worth the effort.  Really good looking!

google it if your interested. well worth the research to do it =)

Friday, January 21, 2011

Jarel Pro Winston

This guy named Jarel Winston talking about something important... and I'm in the background making faces D:

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Call of Duty Black Ops

February 1st, Call of Duty Black Ops for the Xbox 360 will be releasing the "First Strike" Map pack. It will feature 3 new Multiplayer maps and one new zombie mode map. ( I don't play zombie mode so i'll only talk about the new multiplayer maps)

The three new Multiplayer maps are:


This looks like a more open version of Havana. There are several buildings to traverse, with various window spots.  A large open area, with various maze like walls.  Looks really fun.  I like that every area has several walls to hide behind as well as crouching cover.


This one i'll have to see if i like or not, cause as of now, im not really liking this.  From what I've read its another snow level (awesome) with 2 big bases and one bridge in the middle.  Now I hate maps like this because everyone just bumrushes the bridge, or just camps back and waits.  I mean i guess this map would make an awesome Ctf Map, but for Deathmatch Idk.  

Berlin Wall

This map looks awesome. I love maps that have a real life association to them.  The cars, buildings, and other structures can make someone more associable to thinking of strategies when it comes to rushing an opponents base or a way to get around heavy fire.  It has a more homey and open feeling compared to Hanoi.

For PC and PS3 users, you will have to wait for this pack.  But I cant wait.  I'm going to get it the day it comes out.  If anyone would ever like to play on 360, my gamertag is DDRMidgetID

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Storm of Ragnarok Details

Figured I'd put this up just as a reminder of the important details of the new set:

Storm of Ragnarok

Set Sneak Preview Date: February 5 and 6, 2011
Set Release Date: February 8, 2011
Special Edition Date: March 22, 2011
Set List Link: http://yugioh.wikia.com/wiki/Storm_of_Ragnarok

Sneak Preview Participation Card: Vortex the Whirlwind

Effect: 1 Tuner + 1 or more non-Tuner Winged Beast-Type monsters
When this card is destroyed by battle and sent to the Graveyard, you can Special Summon 1 Level 4 or lower Winged Beast-Type monster from your Deck.

Special Edition Cards:

Light and Darkness Dragon

Hand of the Six Samurai

Thoughts: My Absolute Zeros are safe from losing value, but with Hand being a special edition card, I'm more than positive that March will bring down a huge hammer to Six Samurai Decks. With Grandmaster going to 1 or 2 and Gateway of the Six Samurai being hit to 1 or 2. I don't want the only deck being played on a competitive level to be Six Sams x.X

Astrological Signs have changed!

According to several news resources, when the Astrological signs were devised some 3,000 years ago, the Earth was in a different alignment than it is today. Because of this, the angle and way we view the various constallations are all off balance than once originally thought. This in turn, makes the original 12 Astrological signs out of date.

The new schedule of Signs are:

Capricorn: Jan. 20-Feb. 16.
Aquarius: Feb. 16-March 11.
Pisces: March 11-April 18.
Aries: April 18-May 13.
Taurus: May 13-June 21.
Gemini: June 21-July 20.
Cancer: July 20-Aug. 10.
Leo: Aug. 10-Sept. 16.
Virgo: Sept. 16-Oct. 30.
Libra: Oct. 30-Nov. 23.
Scorpio: Nov. 23 - Dec. 17.
Sagittarius: Dec. 17-Jan. 20.

Now I'm not too happy about this, because I have always been and supported the Gemini Astrological sign. I felt that everything I did always was true to the Gemini core, and the various horoscopes I've read actually seemed to be in true taste. So I'm having mixed feelings on randomly being labeled a taurus now. . . I mean thats a pokemon, not an astrological sign. So believe what people may label you as but I for one am gonna stay true to my original beliefs :P

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Bed Intruder Song

Call me late... but this is still hilarious whenever I hear it and mad catchy :O