Thursday, July 14, 2011

Feature Match 1

Feature match
Dimensional Traveler George Weber vs Landscaper Steven Hole

George rolls a 5
Steve rolls a 2

George draws to 5 with Solemn judgement, Reborn Tengu, Guardian Eatos, D. D Survivor, and Trade In. Draws for turn. D fissure. Plays it, then SS Eatos, Normal summon Survivor, Sets 2 ends,

Hall MSTs D Fissure. Summons Card Trooper, Activates effect mills, Warning, Zephroys, and Glow up Bulb. Great mill! Attacks over Survivor for 100, then Ends.

George draws Trade In, Normals Reborn Tengu, attacks over card trooper for 1300, Steve draws for card trooper, then george attacks with Eatos 3800 dmg to Weber, sets one, and ends.

Hall activates foolish burial, sending Dandylion to get 2 tokens SS'd to his side of the field. Hall activates Glow up bulb sending Tengu from top of deck to graveyard. Synchros for Formula Synchron activating effect to draw a card. Normals Thunder King Rai oh in attack. Syncs with Formula, Token, and TKRO to summon Black Rose and Weber negates with Solemn Judgment. 3950 remaining for Weber vs 4200 for Hall. Hall sets 2 and passes.

George draws Reborn Tengu, Eatos attacks into Book of Moon. Weber attacks with Tengu for 1700 dropping Hall to 2500.

Steve draws and activates Pot of avarice, targeting BRD, Formula, reborn tengu, dandylion, and thunder king rai-oh. Hall has a mental orgasm exclaiming "Oh my god, thats' so good" as he plays lonefire blossom. Activates effect then responds with Torrential Tribute to clear Webers field!! Weber gets another Tengu, and Hall gets another Lonefire then does effect into a Defense position Dandylion. and passes.

George draws into Macro Cosmos. Normal summons the third Reborn Tengu attacks the dandylion and one token, sets one then passes, which gets Dust Tornadod in the end phase.

Hall draws and summons Debris Dragon and SS's Dandylion in Attack Mode, he synchros for 7 and does Black Rose Dragon destroying the field, he hits Georges 2 Trade in, and 2 Tengu, and his own Royal Oppression

George draws into D Prison, sets it and ends.

Hall summons Effect Veiler and summos formula synchron and draws.

George draws Skill drain sets it and ends.

Hall summons Veiler and syncs for a second Formula Synchron and draws.

George draws Book of Moon, sets and ends.

Steve draws, "I dont know if i should play cautious or aggressive" proclaims Hall. As he plays Giant Trunade. Summons TKRO attacks for 1900. Dropping George to 2050. Ends.

George Draws Dark Bribe and sets it,

MArc Hahn is kicked out of the arena for helping.

Hall draws, and attacks with Thunder king into Dimensional Prison, Normal summons another Thunder King!! Passes

George draws Barbaros and Normal summons it, enters battle phase and Hall interupts with Formuals effect, Weber Chains skill drain! dropping to 1050 left. Barbaros Attacks TKRO for 1100 bringing Hall down to 1400.

Hall draws and with 4 cards in hand and 2 Formula Synchrons on the field, and activates Mind Control. Weber responds with Dark Bribe. Hall sets a monster, and ends

George draws into Banisher of the Radiance andNormal Summons it. Banisher attacks over Formula and so does Barbaros.

Hall draws to 4 in hand and a set monster vs Georges Barbaros, Banisher, one face down and a activated Skill Drain. This is looking like an uphill battle for Steven Hole. Sets a monster, Ends.

George draws into another Skill Drain attacking over a Reborn Tengu, Effect activates. Banisher attacks the next Tengu and ends.

Hall draws and examines Webers grave. Taking a long time determining the right course of action. Going through his own grave he sighs and looks quite disappointed. Skill Drain is too big of an obstacle for Hole. He activates Monster Reborn targeting Dandylion and Weber allows it. Hall sets another monster and ends.

Weber draws into Return from the different dimmension and attacks the dandylion and a face down ryko. and ends.

Hall draws and sets another monster.

George draws into Smashing Ground, attacks a token and another face down ryko. ends.

Hall proclaims he misplayed and is disappointed overall. Dejectingly draws and says "hope i get lucky" . shuffles his graveyard and activates One for one, sending Gorz as Cost. LP Count: Weber 1050 to Halls 1400. Hall summons Spore in def. with One for One and ends. Goes back and says he doesnt to end again...

George draws into Cyber Valley, and attcks with barbaros into face down its a tengu, Banisher hits a token. ends

Hall activates Pot of Avarice: 3 Tengu, Card Trooper and Dandylion. Draws 2 and sets a f/d monster and s/t and ends.

George draws another Smashing Ground and plays it, destorying Spore, Barbaros attacks Tengu and Banisher cannot attack over the next one so Weber enters MP2 and sets one s/t.

Hall draws and proclaims he has victory unless Weber has one card... well Weber has 3 f/d for him to tackle over. Steve takes a minute for some basic math and keeps talking to himself... shuffles grave again and activates Spore Removing Lonefire, its summoned to the field as a level 1, Weber does Book of Moon on Spore... hall waits and takes the 3 minutes alloted and flips Spore face down, and SS's Zephyros returning Tengu to hand to SS another one, puts both tengu and Zeph in defense and ends.

George draws a dead Solemn Warning. Banisher attacks Spore and Barbaros hits Zephyros. MP2, Smashing Ground on Tengu, sets 2 cards s/t's and ends.

Hall draws into 4 and 1 f/d s/t and summons another Tengu, and attacks over Banisher. George now has 950 to Halls 1400.

George draws an Eatos and attacks Tengu with Barbaros bringing Hall down to 100 left. and ends

Hall sets a s/t and sets a monster ends
George draws into another banisher and normal summons it. Barbaros attacks into a Debris Dragon. Hall activates COth in response to Banishers attack targeting Gorz. Weber stops his attack. Weber ends.

Hall draws and winces in pleasure. and plays MST on skill drain. Tributes Gorz for Caius and targets itself for 1000 burn just enough to defeat George!!! Great Game 1!!!

Game 2

Weber starts things off with a hand of D.D Survivor, Barbaros, Solemn Warning, Mirror Force, and MST. Draws another Barbaros. Sets Mirror Force MST and Solemn Warning, Summons Barbaros ends.

Hall draws and drops a card almost revealing it to his opponent. Summons Lonefire Blossom, Weber responds with Solemn Warning dropping him to 6000 LP. Sets one s/t/ loses it to Webers MST.

Weber Draws Solemn Judgment. Attacks for 1900 with Barbaros. Hall 6100. sets Solumn, ends.

Hall draws and summons debris dragon targeting lonefire blossom. He then synchros into Black Rose dragon and asks for boom? And weber responds with judgment 3000 for Weber, both players agree to let the solemn go through even though Weber was a little late with activation. Hall activates Dark Hole and ends.

Weber draws Torrential Tribute, and summons D.D Survivor, attacks for 1800 and drops hall to 4300. he sets torrential and ends.

Hall draws and chuckles. Examining grave and thinking of possible plays. Hall summons Cyber dragon then tributes for Caius! Targets Torrential Tribute with its ffect and Weber chains it.

Weber draws Smashing ground, summons barbaros and attacks dropping hall to 2400.

Hall draws. Summons Lonefire Blossom. Weber sighs. Hall activates effect and summons Dandylion from deck. ends

Weber draws Cyber Valley, and attacks the dandylion with Barbaros, getting hall 2 fluff tokens.

Hall draws and tributes a token for Caius, and targets a face down Smashing Ground. Hall is hesitant to attack, and evntually ativates MST on the facedown Mirror Force, and attacks barbaros to bring weber to 2500.

Weber draws macro cosmos and sets it and summons cyber valley.

Hall draws and attacks it to let weber draw Dimensional Prison.

Weber draws Barbaros and sumons it and attacks a token sets the D prison. Proclaiming how stupid of a draw it was.

Hall draws and summons thunder king. and suicides with barbaros and loses caius to d prison.

Weber draws another d prison and sets it.

Hal summons thunder king and attacks into another d prison, sets one and ends.

Weber draws a Dark bribe sets and end.

Hall sets one ends.

Weber draws D prison and sets it.

Hall summons Reborn Tengu and attacks to bring George to 800 LP.

Weber summons his own tengu and it falls into Solemn Warning. George activates Dark Bribe.

Weber activates Macro Cosmos and attempts to colide Tengus. Hall waits and eventually allows it. They both summon a second one. Collide again, and SS the Third. Weber attacks into Mirror Force.

Hall draws and attacks for game into Dimensional Prison

Weber at 800, Hall at 400. Hall sets a monster and 2 s/t. ends.

Weber draws and sumons Banisher and attacks a Effect Veiler.

Hall uses COTH to summon Caius and attack over Banisher for game.

Victor Steven Hole.

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