Thursday, September 8, 2011

Broccoli with ranch

I will share a family recipe I just made its delicious:

Broccoli with ranch

1 serving of broccoli (steamed)
1 tablespoon of chipotle ranch salad dressing

Boil water set up steaming station
Steam broccoli to taste

Drizzle ranch over it

Bon apetite!
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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Quotes - 2

"When the time presents itself, you have to take it, or else it wouldnt have presented itself all nicely for you."

Pretty much saying that opportunity doesn't knock often.

Yugioh Slap In the Face

As days of yesteryears gone by, one fact remained true; certain Yugioh cards reached a monetary point that made it questionable to get them. The key money cards, that dominated ebays transaction lists, and that only the best of the best had them. There were cards that reached over 150$ such as Pot of Duality, or the more recent Tour Guide from the Underworld. However, Konami had to figure that they were losing money from attracting people to play the game and they felt a little god-work with manipulating rules and reprints were in order.

Firstly, a huge collector's hit withen the last few months was the card Pot of Duality becoming a super in a series of 20$ tins... Now mind you this was grand for one card.. but they're doing it for a lot of cards now...

Archlord Kristya... used to be 50$ now it resides in the same pack with PoD...

And now coming in November, another one of the last heavy hitters of expensive cards is Solemn Warning... and its being dealt the same fate as Kristya and Pot of Duality... being reprinted in a 20$ tin... When will this carnage end?

Quotes - 1

I have beginning to surprise myself with random outbursts of unfound knowledge, and when I sputter something out that sounds philosophical or entertaining to some end, i often write it down, so once a day I'm going to put a quote here, discuss it as you wish;

"You cannot live a happy life if you're serious all the time"

People need to learn how to emotionally juggle their feelings. People need to be patient and not rash with their decisions. People need to calm down and enjoy the life that goes by them. Every moment in someones life is unique and cannot be replaced, so people should be enthusiastic about everything they do.

I've often thought of this example to a strenuous exaggeration and it's quite comical, imagine that one guy whose so excited that its sort of awkward. For example the 2nd baseman of a baseball team that's overly excited. We need more people like that just because if he tries hard enough, he will successfully motivate the other players to enjoy the time they're having and to give it their all.

Troll Quotes

Troll Quotes are a funny internet meme where it displays a well known cartoon or video game charecter, however, the wrong name is displayed with a common quote associating with neither the picture of the person nor the name of the person... These can be quite a laugh if all 3 tie well together. Here was one I found scouring the interwebs...

Raz Lyrics T&E

These are the lyrics to the Raz best friend Song made by Tim and Eric

(Hit me in the back now)
In the what?.. in the junk?... (ooo yea)
(Hit me in the back now)
In the what?.. in the junk?...


Are you talking to me?
You look like a man i can be a best friend with.
okay here i come.

Come on with Raz now,
Hop on my jet ski,
Grab on to my waist; take a ride with me please.
(But what about the hoes?)
Hey! who needs the hoes!?
Gonna show you how to have the perfect vacation,
Gonna sync you up to the island vibration,
What do you say? (I'm open to that)
Now get a metal piercing,
Eyebrows and naval,
Make 'em magnetic, no need for painful,
Showin' the dreadlocks.
Shells on the neck,
Shells on the wrist,
Now string 'em all up, get the shells on the ankle.
Underwater camera,
Disposable camera!
Groovin' on the beach,
Jamin' coconuts,
Get a silly straw from the silly straw hut.

(Virgin Colada) No rum!
(Virgin Colada) No rum!

Google "Red Lobster",
Make a reservation,
Pager will buzz you when your tables' ready,
Get the appetizer.
Certain locations prices will vary,
Talk to the manager,
Ask for the special catch of the day.
Manager discount. (Okay!)
Its the best vacation ever!
BFF forever!
Its a tropical endeavor,
For the island holiday!

Things that fly over your head

Have you ever done things where later on you open up and learn realizations that just flew over your head the first few times you should have encountered it?

For example, when I was a kid I watched Rugrats millions of times, and since I was young I didn't look out for adult humor... and then you see something like this on the scours of the internet...

any instances you guys have to share?

I type this as I cannot sleep

Ambition, Integrity, Drive, Ingenuity.

These are the motivators for which people do this things to satisfy.

After thinking for the past few days, I feel that it doesn't hurt trying to do things, as long as you give them your all. Because of this i'm starting to research how certain careers are attainable and I'm trying to pick up hobbies/jobs that interest me in an achievable way.

First one I've encountered on my path is a few websites/businesses are looking for eBay sellers; those who are proficient enough in the tangled web of eBay to lend a helping hand and try to get a symbiotic relationship between the two parties started.

So anyway, I made this cover letter for my eBay experience and thought I'd share it here... If anyone needs an eBay seller, contact me sometime, and I'll try to give advice and help here and there and maybe we can work out a deal :)