Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Raz Lyrics T&E

These are the lyrics to the Raz best friend Song made by Tim and Eric

(Hit me in the back now)
In the what?.. in the junk?... (ooo yea)
(Hit me in the back now)
In the what?.. in the junk?...


Are you talking to me?
You look like a man i can be a best friend with.
okay here i come.

Come on with Raz now,
Hop on my jet ski,
Grab on to my waist; take a ride with me please.
(But what about the hoes?)
Hey! who needs the hoes!?
Gonna show you how to have the perfect vacation,
Gonna sync you up to the island vibration,
What do you say? (I'm open to that)
Now get a metal piercing,
Eyebrows and naval,
Make 'em magnetic, no need for painful,
Showin' the dreadlocks.
Shells on the neck,
Shells on the wrist,
Now string 'em all up, get the shells on the ankle.
Underwater camera,
Disposable camera!
Groovin' on the beach,
Jamin' coconuts,
Get a silly straw from the silly straw hut.

(Virgin Colada) No rum!
(Virgin Colada) No rum!

Google "Red Lobster",
Make a reservation,
Pager will buzz you when your tables' ready,
Get the appetizer.
Certain locations prices will vary,
Talk to the manager,
Ask for the special catch of the day.
Manager discount. (Okay!)
Its the best vacation ever!
BFF forever!
Its a tropical endeavor,
For the island holiday!

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