Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Quotes - 1

I have beginning to surprise myself with random outbursts of unfound knowledge, and when I sputter something out that sounds philosophical or entertaining to some end, i often write it down, so once a day I'm going to put a quote here, discuss it as you wish;

"You cannot live a happy life if you're serious all the time"

People need to learn how to emotionally juggle their feelings. People need to be patient and not rash with their decisions. People need to calm down and enjoy the life that goes by them. Every moment in someones life is unique and cannot be replaced, so people should be enthusiastic about everything they do.

I've often thought of this example to a strenuous exaggeration and it's quite comical, imagine that one guy whose so excited that its sort of awkward. For example the 2nd baseman of a baseball team that's overly excited. We need more people like that just because if he tries hard enough, he will successfully motivate the other players to enjoy the time they're having and to give it their all.


  1. That's so true, but I can't stop being so serious all the time. :'(

  2. live in the moment! i like the term "juggle" our feelings

  3. still you need to be serious some times.

  4. yes, perfect harmony is a mixture haha /hippy