Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I type this as I cannot sleep

Ambition, Integrity, Drive, Ingenuity.

These are the motivators for which people do this things to satisfy.

After thinking for the past few days, I feel that it doesn't hurt trying to do things, as long as you give them your all. Because of this i'm starting to research how certain careers are attainable and I'm trying to pick up hobbies/jobs that interest me in an achievable way.

First one I've encountered on my path is a few websites/businesses are looking for eBay sellers; those who are proficient enough in the tangled web of eBay to lend a helping hand and try to get a symbiotic relationship between the two parties started.

So anyway, I made this cover letter for my eBay experience and thought I'd share it here... If anyone needs an eBay seller, contact me sometime, and I'll try to give advice and help here and there and maybe we can work out a deal :)

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