Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Yugioh Slap In the Face

As days of yesteryears gone by, one fact remained true; certain Yugioh cards reached a monetary point that made it questionable to get them. The key money cards, that dominated ebays transaction lists, and that only the best of the best had them. There were cards that reached over 150$ such as Pot of Duality, or the more recent Tour Guide from the Underworld. However, Konami had to figure that they were losing money from attracting people to play the game and they felt a little god-work with manipulating rules and reprints were in order.

Firstly, a huge collector's hit withen the last few months was the card Pot of Duality becoming a super in a series of 20$ tins... Now mind you this was grand for one card.. but they're doing it for a lot of cards now...

Archlord Kristya... used to be 50$ now it resides in the same pack with PoD...

And now coming in November, another one of the last heavy hitters of expensive cards is Solemn Warning... and its being dealt the same fate as Kristya and Pot of Duality... being reprinted in a 20$ tin... When will this carnage end?

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