Thursday, August 4, 2011

driving to indianapolis!

Hello all!

I need to start updating this more often so I figure why not another mention of a road trip by Team Onnegus.

As you may know we are a band of friends from north jersey, and we are en route to indy for gencon indy as well as a yugioh championship event.

So far on our shenanigans, we've passed numerous cars and we like trolling while driving. If there's room to pass a car in front of you in the left lane and you drive to pass in the right we are those people who speed up and block you from passing then slow down. I even made a "u mad bro ;)" sign on my phone to laugh at the resulting frustration. Yes we are assholes. But its something fun to do on a 10 hour car ride.

We went to a gas station. Had a great time. Long awkward line for bathroom so we troll the people waiting with such tidbits as why did we drive up from florida to indy and pass through pa we should've flown lol resulting in lulz from people overhearing our convos and judging us.

We also all went in to the bathroom together to create lulz from the people waiting. We don't give a f.

Ill keep this updated with more shenanigans as we drive we are on hour 3 of this trip and its my shift to drive. Fun fun fun fun looking forward to the weekend.
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