Thursday, August 11, 2011

six flags great adventure

Me and my girl are at six flags for the day and we are trying to experience all the best rides this place has to offer. I figure ill apply a little of my roller coaster experience to rate the rides I traverse today:

Park opened and we rushed towards the new Green Lantern ride as it is new and I personally hadn't had the priviledge. The ride atmosphere looks great, its well presented, line structure is good. The whole coaster is painted green except for one part where I assume they'll paint it this fall. The ride is a 4 man by 6 row train and the seats are not seats. Its an elevated crotch plate that suggests where you will stand for the duration (I messed up and my ride was uncomfortable for the most part) it locked down on me and I had to awkwardly slump ah well. Ride starts out well and it goes up a hill to begin its descent. Through twists and turns, its actually rather fun. I sat on the outside and it felt the whole time that I was at risk of falling. The speed, and wind definately make it a great first ride of the day, definately got us pumped for kingda ka!

Excitement: 8/10
Safety feeling: 6/10
Comfortability: 3/10
Line wait: 45 mins
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