Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Boy am I late with trends aren't I?  There has been a genre of music known as Dubstep for several months growing quite popular by many for its various mixed beats, combining a genre of hardcore, techno, groove, club, rock, and everything in between.  

Various DJ's have the liberty to make anything there hard desires with various stills of sound used in amazing combinations to literally blow ones mind lol.  Bass and techno songs are my cup of tea, and my boy Marc hooked me up with several tracks to get me started on finding new everyday listening material, and i am quite impressed by these two in perticular.  So catchy, yet oddly relaxing/calming.  Give it a listen if you will:

- Slatz Slatz Slatz

- iSquare

Both by Skrillex


  1. i fucking love dubstep! nice blog btw^^

  2. Pic at top of your blog is awesome

  3. I think american dub step is shit compared to European dubstep. since it originated in Europe I feel thats where it is best

  4. Following and supporting! Gotta love dubstep!


  5. shoot man skrillex is okay but if you want to hear some fucking sick ass dubstep you have to check out doctor p, flux pavillion, chase and status, nero, mt eden, and so many others.