Tuesday, March 22, 2011

YCS Charlotte

To start off this is the recap of events that happened in my experience for Ycs Charlotte that happened over this past weekend.

Me and my team: (Team Onnegus) we borrowed a friends van to drive down to north carolina.

Thursday night we gathered at my house for playtesting. This turned into a surprise visit by Jarel Pro Winston. He gave us a 2 hour speech on how to fine tune our decks/sides etc and eventually it neared 2am so we departed:

Ride was 12 hours shenanigans ensued etc:

We got there friday around 3pm and we checked in hotel/pre reged/got some good trades in. Ex. 2 malefic stardusts for a shi en, shit was so cash

Later that night we play people then go to the hotel pool. Team onnegus was all wearing speedos, and we go into a 3 foot pool with 20ish little boys/girls with jeering angry laughing mothers haha how awkward.

So anyway we play test somemore and get some sleep:

Day 1:

We were all nervous but time to play

I will edit this later cause i know some rounds may be mixed up with order (im at school currently)

My deck: Control Dragunities

Particular games that stand out:

Round 2: light hero

I won the die roll so i chose to began. First duel shenanigans and i wasted all my resources to get him low and couldnt quite finish. The 1 for 1s that deck has plus the thunder king/gemini spark/hero blast really hurts. Lose game 1, game 2 i draw the nuts, go into stardust first turn really control the battle, he does shining gets over stardust next turn i brio and shoot for game. Game 3 is where i get pissed. The game goes back and forth hed summon a monster attack set a back row, and id follow with an aklys > legionaire play and it was back andf forth for a few turns. I get him down to 800 left with a legionaire on my field and he has 3 face downs no hand. I have legionaire and dux in hand, his mirror force was used already and i couldve shouldve summoned another legionaire to push for game but instead i attacked into hero blast then summoned dux into bottomless... fffffuuu

Round 4: six sams

Game one i start and i saw he dropped a six sam card while shuffling, so i opened with a set reaper and some face downs. He explodes into double shien and grandmaster and i lulz at the 4 turn wall i have. I make brio next turn and kill my hand to get rid of his synchros and get d prisoned. Eventually he draws into enishi and wins. Game 2 i draw into kinetic soldier, so i make a strong hand and set it he makes a field and attacks it, i proceed to make a stardust and protect it and hit him to 0. Game 3 i get him to just 3 back row and he summons kaizan vs my stardust. Now a pro can smell out the baited mirror force > six sam counter trap from this so i make brio and bounce his monster he tops dumb and i lose i forget how thats how bs it was lmfao.

Round 5: another light hero deck

Back and forth for the most part but i win game 1; we side and in game 2 he goes for a push for zero, and i oppresion the miracle fusion. He laughs that i would leave that in against him but its pro, makes his cyber dragons and all miracle fusions/future fusion dead. Because of this control i easily win game 2

Round 6: lightsworn

How did regular lightsworn get this far? He made no big plays cept for one jd game one that i played around, honestly an easy 2-0 with my mained veilers and oppression

Round 7: gk

Played a known topper so i was like greattt haha. He knew me from websites so we got to talking seemed pretty cool. He opened the nuts game 1 set spy necrovalley, 3 down and tribute i fight back but still lose after descendant wrecks me. One thing im mad at is this guy trolled me so bad. I had ravine out and he played valley. I msted it and he said mine got destroyed too, i said no judge was called. Judge said mine was destroyed. i was like wtf appeal. 15 mins waiting for head judge, comes over says im right. My opponent laughs and does commandant. Fucking shitting me? Troll
Game 2 i just get raped. Ugh so mad lol. I dropped here, 4-3 was still phased by round 2 loss uggghhhh shouldve won lol:p
Anyway my bro marc went undefeated for a good while. Got a feature match round 5 with gk. Made 2 and almost top 32'd (got 36th congrats man)

Did 3rd best of our group and my friend Cubby finally got his nats invite!


Good trades (got 3 meltiels haha finallly)
Marc doing so well featureee!
Speedos in pool
Meeting and chilling with so many chill pros
Car ride
Trolling everyone
Limp noodle
Cracker barrel (george pretending he was blind ahahaha)


Car ride
Dealing with assholes sometimes hah

Oh well time to prepare for next one :o

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