Wednesday, March 16, 2011

North Carolina Trip

Sorry I haven't been updating this too much lately, school was a bitch to end on a good note to relax for Spring Break shenanigans.

Tomorrow me and my crew are getting ready to depart down to Charlotte, for another YCS event.  8-12 Hour drive will ensue, with Hotel Shenanigans soon after.  Hopefully at least one of us will make the later tables.:
Image just because

My teams lineup currently looks like:
2 Monarch
1 Dragunity
1 Gravekeepers
1 Stun
1 Infernity or X-Saber

Good Diversity, hope to see at least one of us do good.


  1. interesting post

    p.s if you want to stay on ma "daily visits" list, come to my place and leave a comment.

  2. school generally sucks man, i know the feeling :(