Wednesday, April 6, 2011

New Yugimonz product: Duelist tin 2011

I'm intrigued to all ends over this new product:

It contains:

3 x Duelist Pack 10: Yusei Fudo 3
1 x Duelist Revolution Booster Pack
1 x Secret Rare card
1× Frozen Fitzgerald
1 x all-foil 3-card promo pack
Hundred-Eyes Dragon
Zeman the Ape King
Underground Arachnid

Now what you non-yugi peoples see is jibberish. But to me, thats serious bank potential, So i have to decide if I want to maximize my efforts on this product.

Now see: For pack wise, It has 3 Duelist Yusei 3 packs, and 1 Duelist Revolution Pack.

Now lets just say in this day and age Duelist Revolution is like Jenna Jameson in her prime. If its there and willing you dont say why.. you jump on it. Duelist Revolution is THE Money set when it comes to yugioh these days. I can name easily 10 cards in the set that are worth over 20$... Effect Veiler easy 20. Fabled Raven easy 25. Scrap Dragon easy 25, Solemn Warning easy 70. Finally the big daddy of them all:

Pot of Duality... Easy 130$ Now thats money. Okay maybe not 10 good cards... but those are the forte, and there are many cards in the set which hover around the 10$ price range, so essentially one good pack pays for all the rest.

Now thats only 1/4th of the pack deals: You also get 3x Duelist Pack Yusei 3. This is a garbage set, but if you pull an Effect Veiler or Starlight Road the packs worth it. Effect veiler is a 15% pull right now and is only a rare. So I have to say you'll get at least 1 every 2 tins unless proportions were messed up.

Now onto the extra bonuses, the included holos. The supers are long ago released secret rares so people may want them, easy 2$ each for those, then you get to the main reason people buy the tin:

Frozen Fitzgerald:

I think this card looks badass. Not very viable but I can still see it selling for at least 2-3$ I want one or two just for the collectiblility factor haha, but anyway adding up the value this tin is adding, its interpreted worth is easily around 20$ easily making up for its 10$ price tag at local stores.

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