Sunday, November 14, 2010

Book of Made-up Facts

I want to make a book filled with one line sayings that seem legitamately sound.  Everything would sound correct, and if used in day to day conversation, the other party would have no evidence on hand to readily prove your fact wrong. 

Just for example, here are some:

"The moon has 1,394 individual craters"

"Like trees, people have rings located on the inside of their lungs denoting the humans age."

"A rock isn't technically a boulder until it reaches 5' ft cubic length or 200 pounds."

"Planes cannot dump there bathroom contents unless they are at least up 15,000 ft"

"Raccoons get angered by the color indigo"

Stuff like that, lol, is it fradulent to misinform people like this?


  1. that would be like a giant troll-book :D
    would be great fun though

  2. haha the raccoons one was awsome

  3. And take the damn captcha off, dude.

  4. keep up the good work, and I'll keep coming back :)

  5. this was the most interesting to me

  6. Great post. waiting for more updates

  7. that would be great. put some fake quotes in there too

  8. thanks for comments guys.. and i took off captcha!