Saturday, November 27, 2010

Black Friday IS OVER!

Whoelse partaked in the wondeerful joyous after Thanksgiving event known as Black Friday?

Workers working around the clock, people fighting for the last of even the dumbest of items, such as Toasters.

Truly the pinnacle of being an American Citizen.

This past Friday, I wanted a HDTV from Walmart.  The Electronics Sale they had would in total save me around 400$ on a tv, and I so desperately needed one.  The Sale they advertised started at 5 am, but i knew id have to be there early to capitalize on the lines, so me and a buddy left for the store at midnight.

What hecticcity that ensued...  At 12 AM the parking lot was full.  Walmart was open the entire night, and people were taking advantage.  People were lining up with entire carts full of the dumbest of stuff.  Haha it was kind of funny just sitting back waiting on a line watching the chaos.

After the for sale items were unleashed at 4am, people made mad dashes for products, i made off like a bandit with the tv, the stand/wall mount, 2 flash drives, 1.5 tb hd, and cables for almost half of what they normally retail for.  What a good day...

Haha oh wait.. forgot about the lines to get out of the damn store... I didn't get out until 7 am! Thats 7 hours in total stuck in a walmart...

Anyone else fight the rush for a big buy yesterday? :D

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