Wednesday, November 17, 2010


This guy is pretty funny, if you haven't seen him, look him up on YouTube, or watch his show on comedy central.

His show is essentially another one of those "Internet Viral Video" comedians, but this guy has a homosexual flair he adds to his jokes to make them EXTREMELY Hilarious.  I have seen all of season 1, and cannot for the life of me determine if he actually is homosexual, or if its an act.  Either way, he's hilarious and easily rising up on my favorite comedians list.

Everyone of his shows, he goes through like 8-10 Internet phenoms and does various things.  For some he merely shows the clips and makes several jokes.  He always has a "Timed Joke Marathon", where he has a clip run, and he sees how many jokes he can make in 20 seconds.  If these weren't actually written before hand this would be impressive. . . He has another section called "Video Breakdown" Where he shows a clip often showing a very painful situation that happened to someone.  He goes through the whole clip with slow-motion running or pausing it in parts to add some funny commentary.  One of the funniest parts of the show is then called the "Tosh.0 Web Redemption". This is where he shows a famous Internet clip where someone did something extremely embarrassing or something they messed up badly in, and goes out and finds them and fly them to the studio to try to do the thing again but this time hopefully succeed!  The whole time he doe's this he jabs at other comedians and makes dumb little jokes.  Just my type of humor. 

Definitely a must see on TV, and I'll make an effort to see him live on his Comedy Tour in '11.


  1. Got to be one of the funniest shows, I love the "Is it racist?" segments he has.

  2. As I am son and servant to your will. Supporting!

  3. he is funny. he looks familiar too... can't place him though.

  4. So, on your patence evermore attending, Following!