Tuesday, October 12, 2010

School (a rant)

I'm currently in a rut at school, and I'm starting to feel the pressures of class stresses.  I'm currently taking an introductory course in Financial Accounting, and got my first exam back, with a grade of a 60 out of 100... I tried my best and got this... i need to study for it more.  Anyone have any Accounting tips?

I'm also taking a Managerial Information course, and the teacher is teaching us nothing.  Everything and everything he says is just personal business and has no relevance to the course.  I don't even want to begin thinking of what my test grade is going to be for the test in this class lol...

The next class I'm enrolled in, is a class called Macroeconomics.  I've been told by many that this is an easy class with nothing to worry about.  However, the class is a 3 hour class and the teacher is so boring and it just drolls on... Our first test is Monday so i have to start reading and improving my knowledge in this base quickly.

I then have a marketing class which doesn't seem too rough, and a math class which imo i could sleep through everyday of the class and still get an A, I cant wait for this semester to be over...

I need to be less lazy, and really start hitting the gym/books more... I need motivational advice haha.

Good day/Good night my brethren, too all be merry.


  1. Accounting is super easy, at the end of the chapter do the practices and you will understand the whole chapter + some reviews from previous chapters. When I had this course all I did was read the chapter once, and do all the practice in the back. In Accounting; Practice achieves perfection. Good luck.

  2. I'd complain about that teacher.