Thursday, September 30, 2010


Playing on Pokerstars currently name "Th3 Caveman" trying to win some money i'm stuck playing in "Double or Nothing" Tournaments.  Currently playing the 10.60$ level, very interesting.

Tournament starts with 10 people, all 1,500$ in chips, 10 min blind increases.  Top 5 of the tournament Double there money.  Gonna have fun with this a little.

So far have been dogged several times, such as my pocket J's run into Aces, back to back in one tournament.  Like how is that even possible? lol


  1. Nice, how long have you been playing online?

  2. haha good luck man. I've tried my hand in poker and lost horribly!

  3. Haha, good luck my friend. I should give this a go every once in awhile. Maybe I'll get lucky? Hmm, who knows? Good luck and great post!